Why You Should Brew Your Own Coffee vs. Starbucks/Dunkin


We’ve all been there before. We wake up feeling tired, running late, or just not in the mood to brew our own coffee. So, we drive down to the nearest Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts and happily fork over the money for an overpriced basic coffee. 

Oh yeah, we went there. Listen, we’re obviously big coffee lovers here, and we’re not above a nice hot cup of coffee from anywhere. Still, we’re also really big on brewing our own premium coffee. Here’s why:

Tailoring. It would be impossible to say that one coffee brewing process fits all. Humans have different taste and different palettes. Brewing your own coffee at home ensures that you tailor the brewing process to your taste and gives you the perfect cup of coffee - every time.

Quality. Maybe it’s their great marketing, or maybe we’ve been conditioned to follow the crown and like what they like just a tad bit too long, but experienced coffee drinkers can smell the difference a mile away. Sure, your local coffee shop can provide the necessities in an emergency, but premium quality coffee is a process. It’s an art. It’s an experience. It doesn’t only increase your energy, but it revives your soul. 

Saves you Money. It’s like we said, fast coffee is overpriced. To be fair, you’re not only paying for the average cup of coffee, but you’re also paying for the barista’s salary, the building, the service, equipment, inventory, etc. So maybe it’s rightly priced. But wouldn’t you rather just invest in your homemade coffee shop and have the superb results of a superb blend every time? 

Saves You Time.  We know there are times it feels like you can save time by heading over to your local drive-thru, but the truth is the average brewing time falls well under 10 minutes. And you can go ahead and cut that in half once you’ve mastered the process. Cleaning up is a breeze, and setting up takes virtually no time. Chances are you’d probably spend more time in line, waiting for someone to take your order than you would brew your own perfectly tailored cup of coffee at home. 

So Much More Convenient. We are living in amazing times, and anyone who says otherwise isn’t drinking the right type of coffee. With the invention of personalized and portable coffee makers, you can brew quality coffee from virtually anywhere. From your desk, while you're camping, from your hotel room…anywhere. You no longer have to drive around looking for a local drive-thru or put up with the complimentary breakfast buffet coffee option. You no longer have to sacrifice the one thing you look forward to every morning, for just another average cup of joe. 

As coffee experts who care deeply about our customer’s caffeine needs, we urge you to reconsider next time you’re heading over to your local Starbucks or Dunkin'. Ask yourself…is this really how I want to start my morning? By overpaying for a basic cup of coffee, I could have made at home. We know you’ll make the right choice. Check out our premium coffee here.

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